Marco Manzo

Marco Manzo opens in 1992 in Rome North area one of the first studies of tattoos and piercings in the capital; the Tribal Tattoo Studio in Via Cassia. And ‘teacher in professional courses in the field of occupational hygiene and technical Tattoo 90 and 400 hours (as required by the Circular of the Ministry of Health of ’98). Always his study is considered one of the most technological and all ‘vanguard charges less health and safety sector.

Marco Manzo appeared in various editions of Tg national and boasts numerous interviews with leading magazines. Take part in recent years in numerous Convention industry both nationally and internationally; on such occasions he has won more than 60 awards. Among the awards he is considered the most important by ‘artist, include those of Rome, his city (where for more participated with his work performed on the actress director Asia Argento) and those of Berlin.

To date Marco Beef is considered the precursor of the style “ornamental”, master of tribal and style 3d. His works are unique pieces, tailored to each individual person. The Maxxi Museum has staged an artistic performance that sees the tattoo to enter the world of Haute Couture with a ‘modern image, now consolidated as an element of fashion and expression of a contemporary art cleared from old clichés.

Present three dresses archive Gattinoni as a symbol of perfection and creative tailoring, an evolution of sophistication of high fashion that moves on six backs, tattooed by Marco Manzo, from baroque reminiscences of acanthus leaves, impalpable retinas of Venetian lace, by interlacing of flowers and hearts.

Bustier lace shake life and embellish with waterfalls of chandeliers, pendants sophisticated chandeliers that were inspired by the jewelry in the Victorian era.
Ali hypnotic cubes and spheres three-dimensional surround the spirituality of elegant mandala adorned with flowers.
Arms prefer the opulence of Indian embroideries and decorative elements in a spiral, the leg is wrapped in seventy different circles connected by waterfalls of chandeliers.
Therefore fusion of decorations and ornaments that draw epochs and philosophies of all time, that redraw the lines of the body managing to mitigate the faults thanks to the clever design work of Francesca Boni that turns so each tattoo in a ‘single work.
Tattoo as avant-garde art and fashion element ultramodern, jewel permanent understood as a bold new form of elegance, an additional element of a unique style as may be just what Haute Couture and Italian creativity.

Presented the BMW R NINET, Personalized motorcycle ad hoc by the artist to celebrate 90 years of BMW Motorrad, in the prestigious event of high fashion Italian -July 2015- at the Art Gallery Benucci Via del Baboon in Rome. After the distinction of introducing the art of tattooing in an artistic concept elite, Marco Manzo fits into the context of art exclusively.

During the event the designer Anton Giulio Grande has presented his collection of High Fashion in the Art Gallery Benucci, including sculptures of De Chirico and Canova, boards of Guido Reni and Tiepolo. The BMW R NINET, absolute “celebrities” of the event, was on display in the gallery, accompanied by a model wearing a dress Haute Couture.



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