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Tribal Tattoo was founded in 1992 as the first center of tattoos and piercings in Rome NorthYou only use disposable needles and sterile (discarded in front of the customer at the beginning of the procedure)The colors are non-toxicsterile and certified (data sheet in 16 points). Jewelery for piercing and biocompatible material (medical grade surgical steeltitaniumTeflonbioplastics etc etc.) and e’ as well as disposable and sterile needles used cannula (are discarded before the customer prior to the procedure of the hole).







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Is Microblading a tattoo or not?

Is Microblading a tattoo or not? Today we are going to talking about microblading, a very popular technique nowadays which takes its fundamental precepts as well as the methods used by tattoo artists. Let’s start by answering what is the fundamental question that many people continue to ask themselves and to us Microblading is a […]

Tribal Tattoo Studio , the best tattoo studio in Rome

Marco Manzo, the owner of the TRIBAL TATTOO STUDIO of Rome is one of the most famous Italian tattoo artists in the world, with over 150 tv interviews and hundreds of articles on the most important magazines and newspapers, both Italian and international

Meet the Italian Artists Inking Museum-Worthy Tattoos

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