Marco Manzo’s ornamental back tattoos

Marco Manzo’s ornamental back tattoos


Marco Manzo’s ornamental back tattoos – the backs tattooed by Marco Manzo are much loved by women and known internationally.
Many are the clients who come to Rome from abroad in his historic studio, the Tribal Tattoo in Via Cassia, to get tattooed with its ornamental style that recalls the sophisticated pendants of Victorian chandeliers, Venetian lace, macramé and dentelle, fabrics oriental and mandalas, the baroque architecture of Noto.
These tattoos dress the woman in an elegant way, recalling philosophies and distant eras from whose knowledge, not with an imitative purpose, a new recognition is born.

What are the elements depicted in ornamental tattoos?

The characteristics of the ornamental backs made by Manzo are the symmetries: chandeliers and impalpable nets of lace, flowers and hearts are often shown, enhancing the feminine beauty and slimming the shapes with bustiers that tighten the waist by redesigning the body with larger tattoos that they are a real haute couture dress sewn forever on the skin.
This style comes from the research of Marco Manzo and Francesca Boni with the aim of making the tattoo more elegant and graceful, suitable for any social context.
Haute Couture welcomed Manzo’s tattoos in an Alta Rome event at the Maxxi museum, where nine of his works, including numerous backs, were presented as a new bold symbol of elegance and refinement and expression of contemporary art. of which a gallery is present in THIS ARTICLE of the newspaper “La Repubblica”

For this style, Marco Manzo has been awarded in over 75 national and international conventions, and the photos of these works have been acquired by several Contemporary Art Museums.


How long does it take to make an ornamental back?

The working days can also be consecutive: to make a small corset it takes about 30/35 hours, for a whole back you can get from 60 to 100 hours.
Each tattoo is a unique piece customized and designed for each individual client, thanks also to the skilled hands of Francesca Boni in an artistic collaboration with Manzo: the client’s build is studied to streamline the shapes and highlight the strengths.
The ornamental tattoo was defined with an artistic manifesto that explains its derivation, written by Marco Manzo and published by the Venice Biennale of Art, by the Macro Museum in Rome and presented to the Senate of the Italian Republic in the event “New authoritative languages ​​of ‘art in the 21st century “of which Manzo was the curator.

ornamental back tattoos

Ornamental Back Tattoos by Marco Manzo

This style has created a lot of interest from the tattoo industry magazines, the general press and television networks both in Italy and abroad.

If you are interested in designing an ornamental tattoo, you can get some ideas by visiting our gallery and our Instagram profile and contact us here.



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