Price of a realistic tattoo in Rome

Price of a realistic tattoo in Rome

Price of a realistic tattoo in Rome : Realistic tattoos as you know are not done by all tattoo artists.
It is good to contact authorized tattoo artists who are specialized in this style.

Some artists prefer black and white, others color tattoos, others perform both genres.

realistic tattoo

Realistic portrait tattoo at Tribal tattoo studio- Rome

How much do realistic tattoos cost in Rome?


The average price for a micro-portrait of a famous person, a loved one or an animal ranges from 250 to 400 euros depending on the studio you are targeting

A portrait of the size of a hand, costs between 450 and 650 euros.
Some more expensive or established artists even go as high as 1000 euros.

For larger and more articulated projects that cover entire portions of the body, such as back pieces, arms or legs, prices are established on the basis of  the complexity of the design.

At the Tribal Tattoo Studio, one of the first studios in Rome to deal with Realism with over 50 awards won in this category,  with the various tattoo artists who have succeeded in some of the most prestigious national and international conventions, the prices are average despite the fame of the studio in realistic style.

They are made with the best pigments and materials for tattoos, by expert hands who can guarantee quality and a good result over time.

Our tattoo center in Rome has rooms equipped with air sterilizers and air exchange as in operating rooms, ensuring maximum compliance with the rules and seriousness towards the customer.
If you are interested in a realistic tattoo at the tribal tattoo studio, we can work directly from photos bring or sent by the client.
You can contact us by sending one or more photos of the work you want to do, a photo of the area where you want to perform the tattoo and the size in centimeters.

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