Female leg tattoo

Female leg tattoo

Female leg tattoo

Female leg tattoo is certainly one of the tattoos that highlights feminine beauty the most.

It used to be rare for a woman to ask for a large tattoo on legs, but as the ornamental tattoo has taken hold, there are more and more requests for it.

The beauty of the ornamental motifs, engraved on the skin forever that recall refined laces , interspersed with Indian and Gothic motifs have conquered the female audience.

leg tattoo

Ornamental leg tattoo, Marco Manzo

The photo of this tattoo by Marco Manzo, for example, had the absolute record of likes on Facebook and Instagram on the important pages dedicated to international tattoos.

A tattoo of a complete female leg needs three days of work, which can also be consecutive since every single area is completed in one session, so that the next day you can start working again. It may be thought that the second or third day of the session is more painful, but this is not the case at all.

Most of the customers who have done an ornamental tattoo on the leg made by Marco Manzo at the TRIBAL TATTOO STUDIO, have always confirmed that the first day was more painful than the following, but always bearable.

If you want to make an appointment for a consultation for an ornamental leg, you can send an email to the address you can find HERE, specifying the dimensions in centimeters of the surface to be tattooed and sending a photo of the area to be treated.

The appointment will be given only when the final design is accepted, which is unique and personalized and comes from the anatomy of each individual person to enhance their strengths and streamline their shapes.
In our GALLERY you will find MARCO MANZO’s ornamental works that you can also follow on his INSTAGRAM page.

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