Realistic tattoos in Rome

Realistic tattoos in Rome

Realistic tattoos in Rome: What are the most requested subjects for realistic tattoos in Rome

Certainly the best and most famous subjects that are requested and made are film characters, actors, singers, but portraits of loved ones or pets are also very often requested.

Making a realistic tattoo can be done in both black and white and color.
If you think you want to tattoo your pet or the photo of a loved one, it is good to send more images to allow the tattoo artist to choose the most suitable images for the execution of the tattoo.
Portraits, lately, are also requested as mini tattoos: also in this case it will be necessary to choose an expert tattoo artist in this style who has a great ability to be able to capture the essential details of a face without changing its appearance.

Realistic tattoos in Rome: Tribal Tattoo Studio

Often this kind of tattoos have a great emotional impact on the tattoed: having the face of a loved one on you, for example, gives the tattooed great joy and the tattoo artist enormous satisfaction for having satisfied such an intimate and profound request.
It is a job of great responsibility for a tattoo artist and most tattoo artists are not specialized in this type of tattoo.
Realistic tattoo artists in Rome, compared to 1300 existing studios, are very few.
The TRIBAL TATTOO STUDIO was a forerunner in this style, and the tattoo artists who have succeeded each other over time have brought about 50 awards in this category in the main national and international tattoo conventions.

realistic tattoos

Joker tattoo

Currently, realistic tattoos in our studio are done by Diego Censori, whose curriculum you can read here and watch some works in our galleries
The owner of  the Studio Marco Manzo also talks about him in this article on Leggo.

We remind You that Diego Censori was born as a hyper-realist painter and has participated in major exhibitions, such as the TATTOO FOREVER at the MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome.

Diego Censori says:  “For me, making a realistic tattoo is like painting on a canvas, with the addition of emotion. It is the style of tattoo I prefer to do for what it gives me as an artist and for what it gives to me, for those who decide to dedicate a part of their skin  and therefore of themselves to me ”

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