Best piercing in Rome

Best piercing in Rome

Best Piercing in Rome: getting a piercing in a safe place, with the best materials relying on piercers with thirty years of experience, in an environment with sterilized air, all in compliance with the strictest European standards UNI EN 1811: 2011

Leggo’s interview with Marco Manzo

In the aftermath of the mass lockout by tattoo shops and studios throughout the country, due to the Covid-19 emergency, one of the best and most talented tattoo artists and historical piercers in the capital, Marco Manzo, tells us the post- quarantine.

Owner of the real tattoo elite in Rome for 30 years: the Tribal Tattoo Studio, located in Via Cassia in Rome, Manzo, thanks to its many years of experience in the field of piercing and tattoos with its know-how is synonymous with passionate about the kind of safety and compliance.

best piercing in romeFirst teacher in the field of hygiene and tattoo technique in the professional courses for the activity of tattooist and piercer in safety, required by the Ministry of Health with the guidelines of 1998 since their establishment, tells us how fundamental it is in the epochal historical period that we are experiencing safety, therefore choosing to always rely on professionals.

“The safe reopening took place following the Lazio Region Ordinance May 16, 2020 n. Z0004. With us, people know they can find biocompatible jewels made of first quality surgical steel, in Teflon, titanium or bioplastic as per the UNI EN 1811: 2011 standard which is based on the reference test method for the release of nickel from all the assemblies that are inserted into perforated parts of the human body,  and by articles intended to come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin; at the Tribal Tattoo Studio each hole is made with a sterile and disposable cannula needle and all the instruments used, such as forceps , are subjected to a double cycle of sterilization at 134 degrees, in an autoclave, wrapped and discarded in front of the customer himself “.

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