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Tribal Tattoo was founded in 1992 as the first tattoo and piercing studio in North RomeWe only use disposable and sterile needles (discarded in front of the customer at the beginning of the procedure)The colors are non-toxicsterile and certified (data sheet in 16 points). Piercing Jewelry is in biocompatible material (medical grade surgical steeltitaniumTeflonbioplastics etc etc.) and cannula needles are disposable and sterile as well(  discarded in front of the customer prior to the piercing procedure) .







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The most famous tattoo artists in Europe: which are the most visited Tattoo studios? according to Tendenze di Viaggi

We sincerely thank the online magazine Tendenze di Viaggi for having included us in the prestigious ranking of the most visited tattoo studios in Europe. Below is an excerpt from the article. Did you know that for several years there have been many collectors who love to travel around the world in search of the […]

Ornamental Tattoo: the all-female fashion in Rome

Ornamental Tattoo: the all-female fashion tattoo in Rome What is the ornamental tattoo? Why is this trend going crazy among the female public passionate about ink on skin in recent years? We wanted to meet the author and inventor of this refined and important style of the tattoo world directly, which in a short time […]

Tribal Tattoo Studio the best tattoo studio in Rome

Tribal Tattoo Studio the best tattoo studio in Rome   Tribal Tattoo Studio the best tattoo studio in Rome in an exclusive and safe space with the best resident artists and it is the favorite studio of celebrities, with an international clientele that comes from all over the world to get a tattoo. We are […]

Female leg tattoo

Female leg tattoo Female leg tattoo Female leg tattoo is certainly one of the tattoos that highlights feminine beauty the most. It used to be rare for a woman to ask for a large tattoo on legs, but as the ornamental tattoo has taken hold, there are more and more requests for it. The beauty […]

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