Is Microblading a tattoo or not?

Is Microblading a tattoo or not?

Today we are going to talking about microblading, a very popular technique nowadays which takes its fundamental precepts as well as the methods used by tattoo artists.

Let’s start by answering what is the fundamental question that many people continue to ask themselves and to us Microblading is a technique that uses a set of small blades soaked in pigment, exactly like what happens in a tattoo studio.  These small blades are used to make a series of subtle incisions aimed at reproducing the natural effect of the hair of the eyebrows.

Those who choose this technique, will actually benefit from a new kind of reproduction of superficial hair bulbs of the eyebrows, absolutely accurate and sophisticated.
If you turn to artists and real designers,  you will actually give your eyebrows a natural effect given by the repetition of many hairs placed one on top of the other.

microbladingMicroblading: an increasingly widespread technique

It is therefore a semi-permanent make-up technique that has spread a lot in recent years and that can only be performed by the hands of a specialist , as not only is it a very delicate procedure, but it is necessary to respect the established hygiene standards in order to avoid unpleasant consequences that could have dramatic implications for health.

At the TRIBAL TATTOO STUDIO we prefer to use the hair to hair technique, using stable pigments and therefore more lasting over time: the result is always very natural, but more stable. Marco Manzo is a precursor of this technique, which he has been doing for about 30 years.

To learn more about hygiene rules in tattoo studios, read here.

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