Navel piercing in Rome

Navel Piercing in Rome


Navel piercing in Rome : at the Tribal Tattoo Studio we have been making this kind of piercing for 30 years, using medical grade surgical steel, teflon, titanium or bioplastic jewelry, all biocompatible materials and certified in compliance with the UNI EN 1811: 2011 standard.


navel piercingNavel Piercing by Marco Manzo


How is the navel piercing procedure done? Is it painful?


These are some of the questions that are asked most often by customers: navel piercing is performed with sterile and disposable needle cannula, discarded in front of the customer, as well as all the necessary sterile and discarded instruments in front of the customer. piercing is one of the least painful.
You can see the execution of a navel piercing on our youtube page at this link

Or if you want to see the result of a navel jewel piercing, visit our instagram page

We have one of the widest jewelry choices available on the market.

Will I be able to train, go to the pool, go to the beach after the piercing?

Of course, after the piercing you can have a completely normal life: the necessary precautions will only be to disinfect the area twice a day with a mildly aggressive disinfectant, without exceeding to avoid slowing down the healing, avoid contact with “dust” of various types and absolutely do not remove the earring during disinfection.

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