Tribal Tattoo Studio,the best tattoo studio in Rome

Tribal Tattoo Studio, the best tattoo studio in Rome


The best tattoo studio in Rome: We thank all main italian newspapers, televisions and websites for having mentioned lots of times our studio, The Tribal Tattoo Studio, as the best in Rome for innovation, safety and research, bringing the tattoo in main contemporary art museums, their collections and the big exhibitions, as the Venice Biennale of Art.

Marco Manzo, the founder, is forerunner of the “ormanental style”, and makes as well 3d tattoos, tribals and realistic.

Marco Manzo  has beeen mentioned as one of the best and  most famous Italian Tattoo artists in the world, bringing the tattoo as well in the high fashion.
He’s als known for being one of the first piercers in the city of Rome and in Italy and one of the artists that gave prestige to Italy in the world, until he became curator at the Senate of the Italian republic of the “New Languages of contemporary art in the 21st century”


Hereby some article about our studio and Marco Manzo:


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